Facials Are Not A Luxury

Healthy Skin

I have found that quite a few people consider facials to be a “treat” or a “luxury”, when in reality they should be a regular part of every person’s skincare regime.  I feel as a skincare professional that it’s my duty to help educate the masses.  Yes, they can be extremely relaxing and feel pampering, but did you know all of the other benefits that go along with doing this guilty pleasure once a month?  Here are the top 5 reasons why facials are ideal on a consistent basis.

  • Allows a professional, trained esthetician to educate you on a proper skincare routine and products for your skin type and concerns.  This helps you to know what you should be doing at home and what you should be investing your money in as there are a lot of options and they can be overwhelming.
  • Facials increase circulation = optimal health for the renewal of skin cells to take place. Facials also aid in detoxification.  They decrease the waste that lies beneath the skin that can cause puffiness, redness, and fluid retention by manipulating the lymphatic system that’s beneath the skin.
  • They slow the aging process. Yes, you read that correctly.  They allow your skin to feel healthier, smoother and restore that healthy glow.  Facials help reduce fine lines, age spots and relieve dehydrated skin.  All of these benefits help us to feel better about our skin.  The use of exfoliation, massage and penetration of antioxidants, nutrients and peptides, all combined fight to reverse aging.  We will all continue to age, but facials allow us to do it more gracefully with glowing, firm and hydrated skin.
  • A facial will cleanse the pores on a much deeper level and exfoliate deeper than you can achieve on your own at home. Professional extractions help to remove debris in the pores and keep the pores from enlarging due to accumulation. Think of unexfoliated skin as trying to water your lawn with a bunch of dead leaves on top of it.  The water has a super hard time penetrating the soil.  Same thing with your skincare products.  It has to fight past the layers of dead skin to penetrate.  Exfoliated skin = optimal product penetration.
  • A good facial paired with a facial massage promotes collagen production, which is the building block of the skin. Collagen is the strength of the skin and prevents premature aging, wrinkles and sagging.

Getting a facial once a month is like going to the gym every day or going to the dentist.  Consider it an investment in the overall health of your skin.  It will thank you.

True or False – Does Castor Oil Really Make Your Eyebrows Grow?

Castor OilAs an esthetician, I hear a lot of interesting home remedy’s for the skin and such. So after hearing several clients tell me that they are using castor oil to help grow their eyebrows and eyelashes, I had to research for myself to find out if this is a legitimate method to really make hair regrow. Personally, I was pretty skeptical, but here is what I found:

1) Why Castor Oil? Castor Oil is high in ricinoleic acid, also known as an unsaturated omega-9 fatty acid, which is supposed to be a very effective natural anti-fungal agent that also has anti-inflammatory properties. This can help keep any fungus or bacteria from inhibiting hair growth if that is the reason why your hair doesn’t regrow.  The FDA also categorizes castor oil as being able to penetrate deep into the skin due to its low molecular weight, which can penetrate into the stratum corneum.  I also saw claims that Castor Oil helps to stimulate circulation which prompts the hair growth, but couldn’t find any credible hard evidence to support this claim. The fatty acid in castor oil is supposed to help nourish the hair follicles which prompts hair growth, but I couldn’t find any scientific evidence to support this claim either.

2) Will any Castor Oil work? If you try this method, I would highly recommend using a brand that is a high grade, cold-pressed, pure, and organic. Your eyes are irreplaceable and you want to use products that are free from chemicals and solvents, hence using organic.

3) How do I use it? Apply castor oil with a clean, disposable mascara wand to clean eyebrows every night. Make sure to go back over the brows with a cotton swab to absorb any access oil on the brows or surrounding skin. Use an oil based eye makeup remover in the morning to remove the castor oil. Some suggest also using castor oil on the lashes to help them grow, however, I would be extremely cautious as this can cause sties due to blocked ducts.

4) Possible side effects? As with anything involving home remedies, proceed at your own risk. If you are allergic to Castor Oil, do not try this.  There is no guarantee that Castor Oil will make your brows grow at all, let alone grow in thicker. In fact, I did read about a few people that said it actually made all of their brows fall out at first, but then they supposedly grew back in thicker. Increased risk of sties if used on eyelashes and, in fact, the bottles of Castor Oil even say “Warning: Avoid contact with eyes“.  Clogged pores and increased risk of acne breakouts are also possible.

Verdict – I am still not convinced this is a legitimate claim, as credible information is very limited, but it may work to grow back your eyebrows. However, if after 6-8 weeks of consistent use there is not a change, chances are slim that it will actually help.


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