5 Tips for Perfect Eyebrows


Eyebrows are making a statement more than ever right now.  With all of the cosmetics currently available for brows, I felt it was time to really address how important this often overlooked feature is, and how your eyebrows can positively, and negatively, affect your face.

1. Back Away From the Tweezers – Over plucking leads to traumatized hair follicles and can lead to permanent hair loss.  Too thin of eyebrows actually ages the face.  Tweezing a stray hair here and there is okay, but leave a majority of the plucking to the professionals.

2.  Shape Accordingly – Your eyebrows are one thing that is not intended to be creative looking.  Don’t let the current trends dictate what your eyebrow shape is.  The shape of your eyebrows really depends on your eye and face shape, not how your favorite celebrity’s brows look.  Too pointy or too highly arched eyebrows can make your face look constantly angry or surprised.  Again, consult the advice of a trained eyebrow professional to know what is your best brow shape.

3.  Ditch the Eyeshadow and Pencils – Eyeshadow is meant for your eyes, not your eyebrows.  It isn’t formulated to stay put by itself and it typically doesn’t hold up to the elements (sweat, rain, humidity).  Most pencils tend to make your eyebrows look harsh and drawn on, which is never in style.  For a more natural looking enhanced eyebrow, try using a brow powder – which is formulated to cling to your eyebrow hairs – and a thin angled brow brush.  Another option is to use a really thin brow pencil (usually these are in the mechanical twist up variety) and use short little strokes along the brow to fill in.

4. Tinting – If your eyebrows are really light in color, one option is to have them professionally tinted.  There are several brands that are specifically formulated for use around the eyes and on eyebrow hairs.  Additionally, tinting your eyelashes can really enhance the overall appearance of your eyes and actually make you look younger.  Only go to licensed and trained professionals to have either of these services done.

5. Sisters, Not Twins – Keep in mind that most people do not have perfect symmetry on most things involving their bodies, let alone eyebrows.  If your eyebrows are not naturally perfectly symmetrical or of the same fullness, don’t fret.

Bonus Tip – If you have unruly brows, try using a brow gel or clear mascara to help keep them in place (use this last if using a brow powder or pencil).  A groomed brow is a happy brow.

Photo Credit – Denny Fenbers

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