5 Common Myths About Foundation


The purpose of foundation is to even out the skin tone. Period. Not make you look like you are wearing a mask. This being said, I see many foundation faux pas on a daily basis. Here are 5 of the most common foundation mistakes.

1. “If I have pink skin, then I should be using a yellow based foundation to correct it.” False. The undertone of your skin should be duplicated in your foundation color. If you have surface redness, like from Rosacea, then you want to match your foundation to a part of your face that doesn’t have redness.

2. “I can use the inside of my wrist to get a foundation match for my face.” False. The inside of your wrist sees far less sun than your face and is most likely a much lighter shade than your face. Try matching a color along your jawline instead. If it “disappears” then you have the right color as foundation should match your skin exactly.

3. Wearing foundation on your eyelids. Not sure where this idea came from, as most foundations are way too heavy and oily for eyelid wearing. Not only does it crease on your lids, but it also can get into your eyes and cause irritation. Try using an eyeshadow primer or cream eyeshadow instead as they are formulated for eye wear.

4. “If I use a darker foundation I’ll look more tan.” False. You just look like you are wearing a mask. Your foundation should not be detectable by color difference. If you want to look more tan, then you can use some bronzer or a self tanner.

5. “I have bad acne/scarring/etc. so I have to wear a lot of foundation to cover it all.” As someone whom suffers from acne prone skin, I get it. You just want it to disappear. However, if you need additional coverage, use a concealer on spots where you need more coverage in addition to the foundation, or use a full coverage foundation. Putting a lot of product on your face will typically result in clogging your pores and making skin conditions worse. If you suffer from acne, then this could be contributing to the problem, not helping it.

If you are in doubt of what type of foundation is best for your skin, or getting the correct color of foundation, then see a professional makeup artist or go to a makeup counter. Ask for a few samples to try to get a good fit for what works for you.

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